Azrael Admin replied

163 weeks ago

Here you'll be posting your timezones, schedules and other shit to help form groups!

I'm on EST, Available anytime after 3PM.
"The walls of this city are all cold metal and stone, but we're nothing permanent we're just
soft skin and bones.

Liliana Vess Admin replied

163 weeks ago

Available for Coil for sure on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday all day.
(Usually on everyday and available to just wreck whatever :P )


Sin Admin replied

163 weeks ago

Im in the eastern time zone. Im usually on after 730 pm.

Seamus Cortez Default replied

163 weeks ago

Mountain time here.

I work Monday-Friday, 6am-230pm. Saturdays, I'm usually free all day. Sundays I visit my family for dinner around 5pm-8pm.

Koroshiia Yami Default replied

162 weeks ago

My sleeps schedule is all over the place, so you might see me on for longer than 24 hours then disappear to hibernate. Sadly timezone does not matter, but I believe it's GMT+1.

Shaman Admin replied

159 weeks ago

Central time, usually on after 6 when I'm working. on most of the weekend

Aeshyn replied

158 weeks ago

Central time, usually between 5-10PM Mon-Thursday, all night on Fridays. Usually busy on Saturdays and free most Sundays.

Ryukin Default replied

158 weeks ago

PST usually on after 1400. I play a lot

Kamishiro Default replied

158 weeks ago

CET +1. Kind of sporadic, but on most of the time, usually after 1400.

Teskidu Starkk Default replied

158 weeks ago

I am in Arizona, so my times go from PST to MST. Depends on the day. And I am generally free anytime after 2:00pm AZ time. I try to be on as much as possible, but daily life may pose a threat at times haha xP
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